Donkey Walk

Donkey Walks and Runs

We welcome Veterans and Visitors to join our weekly donkey walk every Sunday at 10:30.  There is a slow walking group and a faster running group.  The walkers tend to go for 45 minutes, and the running group will run for upto 5 miles at varied paces.  .

The donkeys are slightly halter-broke and not too stubborn, so it is usually a quite pleasant walk-about.

Be sure to contact Suzanne at 978-476-6872 to confirm the time and place. 

Bringing a Group?

Bringing a group of people to join the donkey walk or visit the "Patio of Peace", no problem - just give us a warning that you are coming with a group so that we may accommodate everyone.

Mini Therapy's Mobile Unit....

We also have a small group of donkeys that are trained to visit nursing homes, schools, and even Pease Airforce Base to greet returning veterans.