About Us

Rescued Donkeys sharing their appreciation and love to everyone they meet.

14202576_10210553394849917_3554042016236206157_nWe treasure all the donkeys in the MiniTherapy program despite their origins.  Each of the donkeys in the program has been rescued from slaughter by the Equine Rescue Network.  Many of the donkeys were rescued as foals that were orphaned by the slaughter pipeline.

The donkeys typically arrive unhandled and scared, but after several weeks of love and good care they become sweet and docile. The donkeys that are the most suited for the revered job as "Therapy Donkey" are moved to Donkey Hill which is located a the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Mass.

The Service Dog Project is an organization that provides balance dogs (Great Danes) to mobility impaired individuals. SDP's 14 acre farm is frequented by veterans and disabled who mingle with the Great Danes.

Donkey Hill is a new addition for SDP is the result of a strategic partnership with the Equine Rescue Network (ERN). Well, not the strategic - SDP's founder is Carlene White, whose daughter is Janine Jacques, founder of ERN.

Many of the volunteers and recipients at SDP have described the farm as their "Happy Place"....and having the donkeys on 'Donkey Hill' make 37 Boxford Road just that much happier a place to visit.

On Sundays at 10:30am Veterans and Visitors are welcome to join the donkey walk, which is either a 1/2 mile walk or a 2 mile walk at a Donkey's pace (very, very, slow). The 1/2 walk is wheelchair accessible and the 2 mile walk is through the scenic woods.

Signup is required as we only have so many donkeys that are halter-broke and not too stubborn to go for a pleasant walk-about...

12719225_10208739976755598_4728534453877215055_oFinally, we do have two specially minis (Romeo and Jasper) that are available to visit those who need a little donkey love. They have been known to visit Nursing Homes, Hospice, Children's Hospitals, and returning veteran ceremonies.

For more information please contact Info@MiniTherapy.com